Zagora desert tours

Marrakech to Zagora tour

This Morocco desert tour is a 2-day trip to Sahara from Marrakech. If you want to discover some of the dunes if the Sahara during a short trip to the desert from Marrakech, the Marrakech to Zagora excursion is ideal!

If you come to Morocco for a stay or holiday, it is essential to visit the Sahara desert. Book 2 days of your Marrakech holidays to go visit Zagora and the Tinfou dunes. At Zagora, you will enjoy the discovery of the first dunes of the Sahara. In addition to the exotic decor, you will have the chance to do a camel ride to get some unforgettable memories.

Here is what we can offer you for this Morocco private tour from Marrakech to Zagora : 

  • a 4X4 Morocco desert trip,
  • the visit of the Aït Ben Haddou Kasbah,
  • the discovery of the city of Ouarzazate in South Morocco,
  • a visit of the beautiful Drâa Valley;

Moreover, we plan for you a camel ride for the sunset and an overnight in a Sahara desert Morocco camping in Zagora. At the Sahara camp Morocco in Zagora, enjoy good vibes thanks to the Sahrawi music around the fire and the meeting with the Nomadic culture.  This Morocco desert trip will allow you to discover during 2 days the magic of South Morocco and to have a first impression of the Sahara. The Marrakech desert excursion can be customized with different activities – quad biking, a visit to craftsmen workshops…


Ouarzazate to Zagora desert tour

Do you know that you can visit Zagora from Ouarzazate for only a day? If you are looking for a day desert excursion from Ouarzazate, the trip to Zagora it’s the perfect option. 

A day Morocco desert excursion from Ouarzazate

Discover the Tinfou dunes

Your Sahara desert excursion Morocco starts in the morning. It is a private tour Ouarzazate to Zagora in 4X4.

You will take the road to the Drâa Valley. All the long the trip, Oases succeed to typical villages. The Anti-Atlas mountains make the decor even more beautiful. 

Arrival in Zagora, you will visit the city and then, go to the Tinfou dunes where you will find camels for a one hour tour. You can customize your Ouarzazate to Zagora desert tour by a quad riding or a visit of the palm grove of Zagora.

In the afternoon, you will go back to Ouarzazate. This Morocco Sahara tour is very popular.


Erg Chigaga desert tour from Zagora

A short trip to Erg Chigaga from Zagora

Ready for a Sahara desert adventure? A Morocco desert trip to Erg Chigaga could be organized from Zagora. This Sahara desert excursion Morocco is done in 4X4. From Zagora, you will continue first to M’hamid El Ghizlane. Then, you will drive about 2 hours on the track in the desert to get to Erg Chigaga. The landscapes in the desert change as you approach the big dunes of Erg Chigaga. 

After lunch in an Oasis or in a Sahara camping at Erg Chigaga, you will have time to climb on dunes and do a camel ride. 

This Sahara experience ends in the afternoon at your back at Zagora. But you can also opt for an overnight in a Sahara camp Morocco at Erg Chigaga. This experience is very original and this way, you can enjoy more time in the desert and with Nomads. Also, you can try the sandboarding activity or a quad riding in the dunes! Your Erg Chigaga desert excursion tour could be a tailor-made Morocco tour. 


Morocco desert excursion Zagora to Erg Lihoudi

Erg Lihoudi means a set of dunes not far from M’hamid El Ghizlane. Erg Lihoudi is accessible from a track on the road of Tagounit. 

The place is very beautiful and we find many nomadic camps on the spot. The dunes are high and the desert landscapes really awesome. So, if you decide to do this Zagora desert tour, you will have 2 hours driving to arrive in the Sahara. Then, you will visit the place, walk on the dunes, and meet nomads living there in the camps. 

Taking time to talk with the local Sahrawi nomads, drink the traditional tea with them is a very amazing experience. Without forgetting the camel ride!

This Sahara desert excursion Morocco is a discovery of the desert and locals. It’s a very exciting experience that takes only a day from Zagora. 

You can try a Sahara desert morocco camping overnight.


Sahara camp Morocco overnight from Zagora

Morocco desert camp M’hamid El Ghizlane

A 2-day Zagora desert tour to M’hamid, overnight in a Morocco Sahara desert camp.

This Zagora desert excursion is a program including a camel ride and an overnight experience in a Morocco Sahara camping at M’hamid El Ghizlane. 

The distance between Zagora and M’hamid is about 1h30 driving. So, if you start your trip in the morning, you will arrive in the desert camp for lunch. In the afternoon, enjoy a walk around the camp, on the golden dunes, a moment of meditation or relaxation, a camel ride. 

In the evening, dinner is served in the camp and you can talk with Nomads around the campfire, enjoy stargazing. 

The nomadic tents are comfortable and spacious. 

On the next day, you can do some activities before go back to Zagora. Contact us to customize your Morocco desert tour from Zagora.


Morocco camel trek from Zagora

A 5-day camel trekking Morocco program from Zagora

It is possible de plan a Morocco desert trek from Zagora. Most of the programs are starting from M’hamid El Ghizlane but a departure from Zagora is an original idea. 

For this Sahara hiking tour, it’s necessary to allow 5 days or 6 days. During these 5 days, you will advance from Zagora towards the Sahara. You will enjoy varied landscapes. 

The overnights during this Morocco desert experience will be done in nomadic wild camping.

This is an adventure trip, a hiking experience, a slow way to discover this beautiful region of Morocco. 

If you are interested in a 5-day camel trek from Zagora, contact us for more details.


Zagora desert trip 2 overnights in a Sahara camp Morocco

Zagora – night in a desert camp at Erg Chigaga – overnight in a Sahara camping at M’hamid El Ghizlane

Enjoy one of the most popular Morocco desert excursions from Zagora. It’s a 3-day Morocco desert tour in 4X4 including the visit of the big dunes of Erg Chigaga! It’s a real Sahara experience!

On the first day, a departure from Zagora, direction to Erg Chigaga dunes. Visit of Erg Chigaga, sunset on the dunes. You will spend the night in a Morocco desert camp at Erg Chigaga. 

On the second day, after breakfast, you will enjoy a camel trek for a half a day. Lunch in the Sahara, in the shade of tamarisks. 

In the evening, you continue in 4X4 to the Sahara camping near to the village of M’hamid. Dinner and overnight on spot. 

You will return to Zagora until mid-day on the third day.