Sahara camel trek 6 days from Zagora

Sahara camel trek 6 days from Zagora – trek Erg Chigaga – 6-day Morocco desert trek – Morocco camel trekking – Trekking tour from Zagora

Sahara experience - Adventure trip

Sahara experience – Adventure trip

Camel ride

Camel trekking tour Morocco

Morocco desert experience

Discovery of the great dunes of Erg Chigaga

Sahara desert camp - comfort and relaxing

Wild camping Sahara

Sahara camel trek 6 days Zagora – Erg Chigaga – M’hamid

Morocco camel trekking 6 days – Erg Chigaga dunes trekking tour – Sahara camel trekking – Morocco desert trek – Wild camp Sahara

Day 1

From Zagora to Oum Laachar

Your Sahara camel trek 6 days starts from Zagora. Your guides are local Sahrawi nomads. Camels form the caravan. 

This Morocco camel trek is an unique and very authentic experience of the Sahara. The camel trip in the desert is one of the best experiences for your Morocco holidays. 

During this first day, you will hike about 4 hours and discover beautiful landscapes. 

You also enjoy your first overnight in a wild camping in the Morocco desert (Umm Laachar).

Day 2

Sahara camel trek Morocco : from Oum Laachar to Oued Lamhaser

The next day, the Sahara desert trekking tour from Zagora continues.

The caravan of camels go through Oum Laachar and you take the direction of South. You enjoy camel trek in the morning. Listen to the silence in the desert and admire the views on the golden dunes. 

At noon, taste delicious lunch in the shade of tamarisk in the Sahara. 

In the afternoon, your Sahara desert trip continues through the dunes. From Oum Laachar you go to Oued Lamhaser. You spend an overnight in a Sahara wild bivouac in Oued Lamhaser.

Day 3

Camel tour from Oued Lamhaser to Erg Laabidlya and the Erg Chigaga great dunes 

On the 3d day of this Sahara camel trek from Zagora, you will discover the Erg Chigaga great dunes !

You start the camel trip from Oued Lamhaser in the morning. The hike in the desert continues few hours.

Discovery of a place with massive dunes and covers the greenery and flowers after the rainy season. In the evening, take time to watch the sunset. The nomads will prepare a campfire and dinner. 

The nomadic wild camp would be installed at the foot of the Erg Chigaga dunes. You can stargaze, listening to the songs of the nomads. 

This Morocco Sahara camel trekking 6 days allows you to discover many faces of the Sahara. The Erg Chigaga dunes are ones of the biggest in Morocco. It worth the visit! 

Day 4

Erg Laabidlya – Erg Chigaga camel trek

On the next day, the Morocco camel trekking continues in the heart of the Sahara desert, the majestic Chigaga dunes stretching to infinity. Enjoy the landscapes all around you. Relax, breath and admire the Sahara! 

On foot or on the back of the camels, it’s up to you to discover the vast expanses of the Moroccan desert and the incredible landscapes that follow one another … In the evening, you arrive at Oued Laatache. After a delicious dinner around a fire, you will spend the overnight in a camp. 

Day 5

Morocco camel trekking : Oued Laatache – El Jam

The camel trekking in the Sahara takes you on the 5th day to El Jam. You enjoy hiking all the day long. The caravan moves slolwy in the desert. 

Break for lunch at noon in the middle of the desert. 

The overnight is planned at El Jam, in a wild camping, on dunes offering magnificent views of El Bour.

Day 6

El Jam – Bertam – M’Hamid

After leaving El Bour, you will continue to walk through the Draa Hamada. The hamada is a vast desert rocky plateau covered with stones. You will be back in the afternoon to Oued Ben Hakki, at Mhamid.

Your Sahara camel trek is coming to an end. You leave your guides with a lot of good memories!

Morocco Sahara wild camp 

One of the most of this Morocco desert trek is the Sahara wild camping experience. 

The bivouac is set up for the night at the foot of the dunes. The wild camp is made up of small nomadic tents. 

Camels are relaxing near the camp. The dinner is prepared on the campfire. 

Taste nomadic lifestyle !

Mhamid desert camp

Do you know how to reach Zagora for this 6-day Morocco camel trekking program?

Several solutions exist :

  • You can go to Zagora by bus. Bus lines provide transport from the main cities: Ouarzazate, Marrakech …
  • You can rent a car.
  • You can also opt for a shared / private taxi trip.
  • We can organize the transfer to the desert (private or in a group) by making you enjoy a visit of the beautiful Drâa Valley, typical villages, kasbahs, and the palm grove … if you are interested in this option, contact us for more information.


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