M’hamid desert camp

Morocco desert camp in M’hamid

If you come to the Sahara during your Morocco holidays, enjoy a night in a M’hamid desert camp. It’s an unique experience.

Nomadic tents are special accommodation to spend a night in the Morocco desert. You are welcome in our M’hamid desert camp and we will be happy to ensure you have a pleasant stay in the Sahara !

If you plan to spend 2 or 3 nights in a desert camp in M’hamid, you can enjoy activities like a 4×4 Erg Chigaga tour or a camel trekking.

M’hamid desert camp

Location of our M’hamid desert camp

Our M’hamid desert camp is a nomadic camp composed of 10 tents.

The camp is located in the dunes at about 3 kilometers from the village of M’hamid. Thus, there is no lights from the village, so you can enjoy stargazing. The Sahara starry sky is very beautiful. It’s possible to observe the constellations and the Milky way, even without any equipment.

Also, you can fully enjoy the calm and the silence during a night in the M’hamid desert camp.

The place where the camp is found, is very beautiful and there are amazing dunes near it. It’s perfect to discover the landscapes in the desert and enjoy camel ride, or climb on a dune to watch the sunset.

In our Morocco nomadic camp in M’hamid, there is a place to enjoy a cup of tea outside.

The nomadic tents

The M’hamid desert camp offers you a simple conditions of Sahara stay. In the tent, you will find carpets, a bed with sheets and blankets. There is electricity supplied by solar panels.

Dinner and breakfast are served in a bigger tent or in an open tent with view on the Sahara.

In the evening, you can enjoy traditional live music around a campfire in our M’hamid desert camp. This is one of the highlights of spending a night in a Morocco Sahara camp.

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M'hamid desert camp
4x4 Erg Chigaga tour from M'hamid

Night in M’hamid desert camp and 4×4 Erg Chigaga tour

Erg Chigaga is one of the most beautiful places in the Morocco desert. If you visit Morocco and its desert, don’t miss to go to the great dunes of Erg Chigaga. Some of them reach 300m!

The Erg Chigaga great dunes are about 60km from M’hamid. So, you need 1:30 hours to go there by 4×4.

The 4×4 Erg Chigaga tour from the desert camp in M’hamid starts in the morning. It’s a day 4X4 Erg Chigaga tour. You will take lunch in an Oasis on the way to Erg Chigaga. Landscapes on the way to Erg Chigaga are changing. You can see herd of camels or sheep.

Once arrived at Erg Chigaga enjoy the Sahara beauty. You can try sandsurf there or a quad tour in Erg Chigaga. A camel ride is planned during this Sahara excursion. The 4×4 Erg Chigaga tour is one of the most popular Morocco desert experiences from M’hamid.

At your back, a night in a M’hamid desert camp is a great experience.

Plan a 4×4 Erg Chigaga tour from M’hamid

A day camel trekking tour from M’hamid with Sahara wild camp overnight

The day camel trekking in the Sahara is a perfect activity for your stay in our M’hamid desert camp. 

If you want to visit the Morocco desert what better than a camel tour with nomads ? It’s a day desert hiking from M’hamid with the caravn and nomads.

The M’hamid camel tour allows to live an authentic desert experience! This Morocco desert hike begins in the morning. You will walk and enjoy a camel ride. 

The lunch is done in the desert, in the shade of the tamaris. After this break, the caravan advance slowly in the golden dunes.

You also go through flat places covered with stones (hamadas). This trekking tour is perfect for adventurers. The night is scheduled in a wild camping in the desert. This is a very amazing experience. 

A day camel trekking tour from M’hamid

Morocco Sahara wild camp

Tour from Zagora with night in M’hamid desert camp

If you are staying in Zagora, go for an adventure and spend a night in a M’hamid desert camp ! The M’hamid desert tour from Zagora is perfect if you wish discover the Sahara.

You will enjoy camel ride in M’hamid to arrive in the camp. Then, you see the desert all around the nomadic camp. Our M’hamid desert camp is located in the dunes, at few kilometers from the village.

In the camp, you find the Moroccan hospitality. After a tasty dinner, enjoy the music around a campfire and starry sky !

You can also do a 4×4 Zagora to Erg Chigaga tour and camp overnight.

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4×4 Ouarzazate trip – night in M’hamid desert camp

One of the most popular desert trips from Ouarzazate is the tour with a night in M’hamid desert camp.

It’s a 2-day Morocco desert tour that makes you discover the Sahara. This a very amazing experience for your Morocco holidays.

In addition to the night in a nomadic camp in the Morocco desert, you will do many visits on the itinerary. You will pass through the Draa Valley and its beautiful villages and palm grove.

In the desert, you enjoy a camel tour for the sunset. Another highlight of this desert trip from Ouarzazate is the evening in the camp with traditional music.

4×4 Ouarzazate trip to M’hamid 2 days

Camel trek Morocco from M'hamid
4X4 excursion Erg Chigaga

Night in a M’hamid desert camp from Marrakech 3 days

The Marrakech desert tour that allows you to spend a night in a M’hamid desert camp is of 3 days.

The first day of this 4×4 Morocco desert trip is planned on the itinerary to the desert. On the second day, you will arrive in the desert, after crossing the beautiful Draa Valley.

You will meet nomads and live a desert experience with overnight in M’hamid nomadic camp.

Visit also Zagora, Agdz, Ouarzazate and Aït Ben Haddou during this trip. You will see the Atlas mountains road and the Anti-Atlas landscapes.

Night in M’hamid desert camp from Marrakech