Sahara trek Morocco 5 days

Sahara trek Morocco 5 days – live an inforgettable desert adventure in Morocco ! Spend nights in the Sahara and discover the nomadic lifestyle.

M’hamid Lahnaniche

Sahara camel trekking tour

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M’hamid Ras Nkhal

Morocco desert trek

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Camel trek Morocco desert 5 days M’hamid Lahnaniche

The Morocco camel trekking 5 days is not only a hike in the desert. It’s also a time for introspection, meditation, relaxing. It’s a special experience during your Morocco stay. Camel tour from M’hamid 5 days. Sahara wild camp overnight.

Day 1 : Mhamid – Lahnaniche

Discover beautiful landscapes in the Sahara and spend a night in a wild camp.

Day 2 : Sidi Naji

The Sidi Naji dunes are a place of pilgrimage for a nomads tribe. You spend here the second overnight of this Sahara trip.

Day 3 : Erg Zahar

Visit the “screaming dunes”, one of the place to discover absolutely in the desert of M’hamid. The big dunes are very impressive.

Day 4 : Oued Naam

You will walk on the hamada. Oued Naam is not too far from M’hamid.

Day 5 : back to M’hamid

You will arrive in the village in the afternoon.

Sahara camel trekking 5 days M’hamid Ras Nkhal

During 5 days you will discover the Sahara desert. You will walk in the footsteps of the old caravans and admire the beautiful dunes of the Morocco desert. Listen to the silence, adopt the nomadic lifestyle.

Day 1 : Ras Nkhal

Discover the palm grove near to the old village of M’hamid. It’s a very beautiful place.

Day 2 : Sidi Naji

On the second day, you will walk til the Sidi Naji dunes where you will set up the camp for the night.

Day 3 : Erg Zahar

You will see an inforgettable sunset over the Erg Zahar dunes. Wild camping at Erg Zahar for the night.

Day 4 : Aït Ounir

Another beautiful place to discover in the Sahara during a camel trekking from M’hamid. Scenery changes. You discover many faces of the Moroccan desert.

Day 5 : return to the village of M’hamid

You take the way back to the village after breakfast. Enjoy lunch in the Sahara. You will arrive in M’hamid in the afternoon.

Sahara trek Morocco 5 days : who are your guides during this camel tour?

Your companions for your camel trek Morocco are the Bedouins also called “inhabitants of the desert” or “the blue men”.

They are Arab nomads or Berbers who live in the desert of the Moroccan Sahara.

The Morocco camel trek  make you meet the Sahrawi nomads, generous, attentive, warm. We are sure that you will enjoy your Sahara trip with them!

The nomads of the Sahara living in the village of M’hamid will take care of you throughout the 5-day Morocco camel trekking tour.

They will guide you in the desert of the Sahara. Nomads also take care of your safety. They prepare meals (and the famous sand bread !) during your Sahara camel trip. And set up the wild camping for the night.

The Morocco desert trek is more than a hike in the Sahara, it is also a cultural and authentic trip.