Morocco camel trekking 4 days

Morocco camel trekking 4 days from M’hamid – Wild camp night – Sahara camel trekking tour

M’hamid Oued Zaair

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M’hamid Erg Zahar

Sahara camel trekking

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From M’hamid to Oued Zaair: 4-day Morocco camel trek

This 4-day Morocco camel tour allows you to spend 3 nights in the Sahara. You will walk in the desert for about 4 to 5 hours per day. You will visit many places: dunes, desert plateaus (hamada). Enjoy this Sahara camel trip with friends!


After a departure in the morning, your first day of Morocco camel trekking is devoted to the visit of Oued Laatach. The river si dry but the desert hike is very pleasant in this place. Enjoy a night in a wild camping in the Sahara.


On the second day, you go visit the Erg Zahar dunes (“the screaming dunes”). It’s one of the places to discover absolutly if you do a Morocco camel trekking tour from M’hamid El Ghizlane. Overnight around the dunes of Erg Zahar. 


Your Sahara trekking tour will bring you this time to Oued Zaair and the dunes of Sidi Naji, a pilgrimage place for Sahrawi women. You will spend the night in a tent in the desert.


This is the last day of your Morocco desert hike. After Lahnaniche and Ouled Driss, you go back to M’hamid. 

Sahara camel trekking tour 4 days

The Morocco camel trek is a journey through pristine nature, dunes stretching out under the sun’s rays as far as the eye can see and an infinite blue sky. The Sahara camel trekking tour is a discovery of a spectacular natural place. It is also a meeting with ourself on the path of the old caravans.

Trekking in the Morocco desert is also breathtaking sunsets and a shining sky of thousand stars. Music and songs of the nomads around a campfire.  

You can discover here two of our 4-day Morocco camel trekking tour programs. The Morocco desert trek can be customized. There are so many beautiful places to see in the M’hamid desert. So ready for the adventure? Ready to discover the lifestyle of Sahrawi nomads during 4 days?

Morocco camel trekking 4 days to Erg Zahar

Erg Zahar is a set of big dunes in the Mhamid desert. It’s also called “the screaming dunes”. Erg Zahar is one of the places to visit during your Morocco camel trek. The discovery is possible for those who choose at least a 4-day long tour.


On the first day of your Sahara trekking experience, you will stay near to M’hamid. On the program, visit of the Old Kasbah of the village, discovery of Oued Ben Hakki and the palm grove of the village of M’hamid.


The tomb of Sidi Naji and the surrounding dunes are often visited during a Morocco camel trek from M’hamid El Ghizlane. Sidi Naji dunes are a part of this program too. You will spend the night there, in a Sahara wild camping. 


If you want to visit Erg Zahar, choose a 4-day Sahara camel tour because of the distance. The place is really beautiful! You can enjoy magical landscapes all around when you are on the dunes. The sunset in Erg Zahar are inforgettable.

Day 4 : M’HAMID

On the fourth day, you take the road back to M’hamid. You can spend an overnight in our desert camp. 

Morocco camel trekking 4 days : why to choose it ?

This Morocco desert hike 4 days is perfect if you wish have a longer deconnexion. It’s also a good digital detox.

You will discover many different landscapes in the Sahara.

The 4-day Morocco camel trek is an excursion to visit Erg Zahar, the “screaming dunes”. The dunes of Erg Zahar are ones of the most beautiful and impressive in the desert of M’hamid.

You enjoy 3 overnights in a wild camp in the Sahara. It’s a good desert experience and an adventure trip in Morocco.