Camel trek Morocco 3 days

Camel trek Morocco, Morocco desert trek – this is a hike in the Sahara Desert. During a trek, you cross dunes and hamadas with the caravan of camels. You enjoy the company of local nomads who will be your guides during this desert hike. The trekking in the Sahara is punctuated by nights in a wild camping. You sleep under tent. The Morocco camel trek is a kind of adventure trip in the Sahara.

The Morocco camel trekking tours has often a departure from the village of M’hamid. One of the most popular programs are the 3-day camel treks from M’hamid.

3-day Sahara trekking from M’hamid

Sahara camel trekking tour

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3-day Erg Chigaga

Morocco desert trek

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Camel trekking
3 days

Sahara camel trekking tour

3-day camel trek

3-day Camel trek Morocco from M’hamid

Day 1 Ouled Driss – Lahnaniche – enjoy camel trek Morocco

During the first day of your camel trek Morocco 3 days, you will discover beautiful landscapes in the desert. Your guides and the caravan of camels will take you through Ouled Driss. During your desert hike, you will also discover a desert plateau in the Sahara. You will arrive at Lahnaniche for the sunset. After a delicious dinner around the fire, overnight in a wild nomadic camp. The trek in the Morocco desert is an amazing experience for your holidays.

Day 2 Sahara trekking tour to Oum Mazmou

On the second day of your trekking tour in the Sahara, you continue the camel trip to Oued Naam. Then the caravan will arrive to the dunes of Oum Mamzou. You will enjoy visiting this place and an overnight in a wild camping.

The duration of the walk in the desert is about 4 hours per day. It’s very nice to see the caravan going through the beautiful landscapes. 

Day 3 Oum Mamzou – camel trek M’hamid  

On the third day, it’s time to go back to M’hamid! Your Sahara adventure tour comes to an end in the afternoon. Hike in the hamada of Drâa and Ouled Driss before you go back to the village of M’hamid.

A 3-day camel trek Morocco from M’hamid is an inforgettable and very appreciated experience.  

3-day Erg Chigaga 4X4 and trekking tour

This program includes a Sahara camel trekking and a 4X4 excursion tour to the big dunes of Erg Chigaga. 

Day 1 : Camel trek from M’hamid, wild camping overnight

The first day of your Morocco camel trekking is devoted to discovery of different landscapes in the desert. You will discover the beauty of the Sahara and nomadic lifestyle. You will walk 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. In the end of the day, the overnight is planned in a quiet place, in a wild camping. 

Day 2 : 4×4 tour to the great dunes of Erg Chigaga

On the second day of this Sahara tour, you leave camels and go to Erg Chigaga by 4×4. The great dunes of Erg Chigaga are ones of the biggest dunes in the Morocco Sahara. Here, you will spend the night in a traditional Morocco desert camp. Enjoy Sahrawi nomadic music around the fire and starry sky! It’s a very original experience. 

Day 3 : From Erg Chigaga to M’hamid

Your Morocco desert tour continues with a breakfast in the camp. You enjoy this moment and view on the great dunes of Erg Chigaga. After that, you return to the village of M’hamid by 4X4. The trip on the track in the Sahara is very amazing. You can see camel herd. You will stop at places to observe fossils.

We offer you a lunch in our nomadic camp in the dunes of M’hamid. 

3-day Morocco Sahara camel trekking to Erg Khnata

Day 1 of this camel trek Morocco – Krayaat Jmal 

Your Morocco camel trip with Sahrawi nomads will bring you to the beautiful dunes of Krayaat Jmal. The caravan of camels will arrive in this place in the afternoon. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset before a delicious dinner around the fire and overnight in a wild camp.

The 3-day camel trek Morocco is appreciated because it’s a wellbeing break during a Morocco stay. You enjoy silence and calm in the desert. Also, a simple lifestyle and a digital detox. 

Day 2 Camel trek from the Krayaat Jmal dunes to Erg Khnata

On the second day of your Morocco camel trekking tour from M’hamid, you cross a hamada before arriving at Oued Naam. After lunch in the shade of tamarisk tree, you continue to walk to Erg Khnata. Wild camping for the night. The camel tour in the Sahara is also an adventure trip!

Day 3 It’s time to go back to M’hamid

After crossing of the hamada of Drâa and enjoying beautiful landscapes in the Sahara desert, you will take the way back to the village of M’hamid. This Morocco trekking tour comes to an end in the afternoon.

Camel trek Morocco : what do we talk about?

The Morocco camel trek is a hike that will take you to discover the most beautiful dunes of the Sahara. “Sahara trek Morocco“, “Camel trip Morocco“, “Sahara camel tours“, all these expressions refer to the Morocco desert trek.

At the base, the word “trek” denotes “walking in the mountains”. It is also used today for hiking in the Morocco desert and other natural environments like the Sahara.

The Sahara camel trek from M’hamid contiunes between 2 days and 15 days. If you are a beginner or are not used to walking long distances, we advise you to take a short Sahara trekking program. Short Morocco camel trek programs are available from M’hamid and Merzouga. A 3-day camel trekking tour could be a good option.

Good walkers, a 5-day Sahara camel trekking tour from M’hamid or a 7-day hiking trip are available.