Sandboarding Sahara : everything about it!

Sandboarding in the Sahara during your holidays in Morocco: this is a rather original idea! If on the occasion of your stay in Morocco, you have decided to take a tour or an excursion in the Moroccan desert, you can enjoy one to two hours of sandboarding in the Sahara. In this article, we give you all the information on this activity to practice on the hot sand.

Sandboarding in the desert: an activity for everyone

Sandboarding can be practiced by anyone who loves sport, regardless of age. It is a sporting and fun activity that is practiced with two or more! It is enough to be brave enough to go up on the dunes, in the desert, there are no lifts …

What exactly is sandboarding?

This is a similar activity to snowboarding. The difference is mainly due to the fact that the sandboard is practiced on the sand and the dunes of the desert while snowboarding in the snow. Sandboarding is in a way, surfing on the dunes!

What is the material necessary to practice this activity?

The equipment is provided by us (snowboard). It is advisable to envisage long clothes. At which time of the day to practice the sandboard It is recommended to practice this activity at the end of the day. And this for two main reasons: the first is that on the hot sand we slide better and the second is that the sun will be much less strong.

Where can you practice this activity in the Moroccan desert?

Some places are particularly suitable because of the height of the dunes. You can go sandboarding if you make a tour to Merzouga or an excursion to Erg Chegaga. The activity of sandboarding can be practiced in addition to other activities during your desert tour Morocco or during your excursion in the Sahara. You can combine it with a camel ride, a 4×4 excursion in the desert or a stay in a desert camp. If you are a fan of adventure, also think of activities like quad or buggy in the Moroccan desert.

Include this activity in a tour or a desert tour Morocco

Your trip to the Moroccan desert can also include a trip to a nomadic camp, one or two days of camel trek Morocco with an excursion to Erg Chegaga and sandboarding on site. We can imagine different Morocco desert tours or desert excursions including the desired activities. Everything depends on your desires and the way you want to organize your trip to Morocco.