Yoga Morocco desert and trek: find physical and mental well-being

Yoga desert Morocco and trek : and if it was the winning combination for a well-being physical as well as mental ? We bet that’s the case ! There are many ways to organize a yoga class in the Morocco desert. The practice of yoga in the Morocco desert can focus essentially on accommodation (fixed desert camp) or on the surrounding dunes (learn more about this program). But it is also possible to devote one to two days during the course to a camel trek in the desert. The Morocco desert trek fits perfectly into the program ! Discover why !

Camel trek Morocco: when to do during the yoga class?

The Morocco camel trekking can be practiced at the beginning of the yoga class. After a first night in the desert in a fixed desert camp, the next day, after the first session of yoga on the spot, the participants, accompanied by Sahrawi nomads, leave for the camel ride.

The camels, loaded with the necessary equipment and provisions, form the caravan which advances according to their cadenced rhythm through the dunes of the Sahara. Participants in the course will benefit to perform a walk in silence or singing. The camel trek in the desert will make them discover different landscapes.

After a break at noon, in the shade of tamarisks and a delicious lunch, in the afternoon, the Morocco desert trek continues through the dunes. The participants will thus benefit from a few extra hours of walking in a virgin nature, surrounded by silence. In the evening, arrive at the place chosen for the installation of the mobile desert camp where the practice of yoga will be done during the next 3 days. The 6th day, (the day before the departure) is also devoted to the Sahara trekking. It’s about taking the road back to our fixed desert camp.

Sahara camel trekking tour: between physical activity and meditation “in motion”

The Morocco desert trek during a yoga or meditation training is more than beneficial for two main reasons. The hike is primarily a physical exercise that helps us to keep fit. Trekking and hiking have the following virtues for our health and for our well-being :

  • improvement of blood circulation and heart function,
  • strengthening of muscle mass,
  • work of joints and back,
  • improvement of breathing,
  • additional source energy for our body;

In addition to all the benefits of hiking that is also found when practiced in the desert, walking can be used to make a meditation “in motion”. One thinks in particular of the silent meditative walk, the singing walk, … and why not a meditation on the back of the camels? To breathe the air of the Sahara, to look at the clear horizon, the uncluttered landscapes, it leads us naturally to the meditation which is almost always an integral part of yoga courses in the Moroccan desert.

Trek and yoga in the Moroccan desert: well-being and healing

As we have just seen, the trek is an activity that is more than suitable for a Morocco desert yoga training. In addition to being a simple physical exercise, trekking is ideal for both physical and mental well-being.

The camel trek can also be used as a privileged moment to practice meditation. No need to do a program in advance, the meditation practices can be decided according to the moments that are presented to you! The hike in the desert will offer you several opportunities, it’s up to you to seize the good ones and enjoy it. One thing is certain, at the end of your Morocco desert yoga course, well-being and healing will be at the rendez-vous!