Camel trek Morocco: what to take?

What equipment to take for a desert trek Morocco? What are the essentials for trekking in the Sahara?
What is the equipment to have for a camel trek in the Moroccan desert? Here is a list of things to have in his bag. Enjoy your Sahara camel tour!

The clothes to take for your desert trek Morocco

It is recommended to take with you a backpack not very big 25 to 30 liters and possibly a bag of travel (50 to 90 liters) flexible but not more !!

The amount of clothes to have in your bag obviously depends on the duration of the trek that you will do.

  • choose clothes suitable for walking. Provide long and light trousers and tops (t-shirts, shirts),
  • a fleece jacket, even a jacket for the evenings if your Morocco desert trek is planned for December or January (these are the two coldest months in the Sahara),
  • a cap, or a hat,
  • one or more scarves or turbans. Do not panic if you do not have any turbans in your wardrobe, you can buy them in the small shops in M’hamid before your trek. The prices are quite affordable. The turban will protect your head and face from the sun, wind, and sand,
    remember to take walking shoes that are comfortable. Sandals or flip flops can be taken in addition,

Hygiene products to plan for your camel trekking Morocco

It is advisable to take hygiene products that are used without water (rinsing products, cleaning or disinfecting wipes), tissues, toilet paper.

Your guide will tell you how to treat the products used so that the natural beauty of the Sahara is preserved. For those who wish, they can bring a washcloth to use with a little water and soap.

You can also bring a solution to clean your eyes and nose (sand is everywhere in the desert !)

The equipment to take with you for the Sahara camel trek Morocco

  • a sleeping bag adapted to the period of your trekking in the Sahara

0° -5 ° if you go hiking in December or January,

5 ° -10 ° if trek in November, February,

10 ° -15 ° if your trip in the Moroccan desert is planned in October, March or April.

  • a bottle of water (we supply mineral water),
  • a lighter,
  • a headlamp,
  • an empty pillowcase to use for a better sleep comfort filled with your clothes …

Should we provide drugs for Morocco desert trekking?

It is recommended to take with you some basic care products: dressings, an antiseptic to disinfect small superficial wounds. Also remember to take medicine against nausea, diarrhea, pain, fever, anti-inflammatories, analgesics.

It is also recommended to have sunscreen in your bag.

Do not forget for your Sahara camel trekking

Remember to protect your documents well before leaving (a closed and waterproof pouch may be the solution).

Do not forget your camera to immortalize all the magical moments in the Moroccan desert!

For those who wish to stay connected, a solar charger may be needed.

You can also slip a book into your backpack (not too heavy !).