Luxury camel trekking Morocco and classic desert hiking : what differences ?

Did you know that the Morocco desert camel trek is also available in luxury formula? What are the main differences between the luxury Morocco desert trek and a classic Sahara camel trekking tour program? The answers are in this article! 

Morocco luxury camel trek: more camels compose the caravan

During a classic Morocco camel trek, the caravan is made up of a number of camels equal to the number of participants, sometimes with one or two more camels. These camels are, in general, loaded with provisions necessary for the duration of the Sahara camel trekking. Camels also carry equipment and belongings of participants. The Morocco luxury camel trekking is distinguished at this point in the classic desert trek. In addition to the camels loaded with the necessary provisions and equipment, an additional camel is provided for each of the participants. It’s an uncharged camel.

Morocco camel trekking: private tents in both formulas

If you opt for the luxury trek in the Moroccan desert, know that you will enjoy a private tent for your nights in the Sahara. As part of a classic camel trek Morocco, the tent is also private. On this point, no difference between the two programs.

Luxury camel trek Morocco: varied meals

During a Morocco luxury camel trekking, you will have more choices as to the meal that will be served in the desert. You will have four or five different kinds of dishes (tajine, kebab, salads, …). As part of a classic trek the provisions are always sufficient and the food delicious. However, there are usually two kinds of dishes. The difference lies therefore only in the variety of meals and not in the quality. Some agencies will offer more varieties even for the classic Morocco desert hike.

Classic trekking programs or luxury Sahara tours: how to choose?

The choice of your camel trek depends on the level of comfort you want to have in the desert and the price you are willing to pay for your Sahara camel trekking tour. You can book the Morocco luxury desert trekking tour to offer or afford to special occasions (birthday, or other).

Know that :

  • It is always possible to customize the itinerary of your hike in the Moroccan desert either as part of a classic trek or a luxury Sahara trekking program ;
  • Travel operators tailor meals to your diet in the setting for a classic Morocco camel trek and for luxury desert trekking (vegetarian, vegan, …).
  • You can opt for a classic Morocco desert hike and spend one or two nights in a luxury desert camp (usually the night before departure or the last night). Overnight stay in a luxury desert camp in the Morocco desert allows you to have all the necessary comfort. Spacious tent with quality bedding, rich decoration, private bathroom, and shower. Not to mention the quality of meals or the evening with traditional music!
  • It is also possible to combine the Morocco luxury desert trekking tour with one night in a luxury desert camp. Or with a night in a classic nomadic camp. It all depends on how you want to spend your time in the desert!