Camel trek Morocco: what price? How much does it cost?

What is the average price for a Morocco desert camel trek? The price of a Sahara camel trekking tour is variable but according to what? Cheap desert Morocco camel trekking tours, how to choose your agency? What is the price of the luxury Morocco camel trekking? Here are some questions that we ask naturally before choosing our Morocco desert trek. 

How much does it cost a Morocco camel trek?

What is the average price of the Morocco camel trek? How much does it cost the desert camel trekking in Morocco? The price of the Morocco desert trek varies according to several elements.

The first element that determines the price of the Morocco Sahara camel trekking tour is probably the pricing policy of the agency to which you address. Some tourism operators in the sector apply rates in the low range (about thirty euros by trekking day in the Sahara). Other agencies apply rates that can double or even triple that price. Thus, the Morocco desert trekking day can be charged at about a hundred euros, or even more, for the high range. Most often, the price of Morocco desert hiking is between 45 € and 65 € per day. As we have said, this depends on a great deal on the prices charged by the agency in question and which corresponds, in fine, to the services offered.

Another element that plays undeniably for setting the price of the camel trek Morocco: the season (high or low for the activity) during which you want to make your desert trip. Seasonality is a factor in determining the price of trekking in the Sahara. Several local operators thus review their price downward or upward depending on the period of time.

Another point to mention: the price of your Morocco desert camel trek will not be the same (in most cases) if you leave individually or if you go in small groups. The greater the number of people participating in the group, the more you can expect a reduction in the individual rate.

Needless to say, the luxury desert Morocco has a higher price than the traditional trek because of the services offered. Learn more.

Cheap Morocco desert camel trek: how to choose?

Cheap camel desert tour, our advice to choose your program :

Before booking your camel trek Morocco, ask what is included in the price of the desert that you have found. This will save you from bad surprises on the spot.
The search for a cheap trekking program should not be an excuse to make a pass, for example, on the number of guides that will accompany you.
Check the conditions of the Morocco camel trekking. Ask for several quotes before you make your choice.

To know: the less the duration of your Sahara trekking tour will be long, the less the price of the trek will be high. So, a cheap Morocco desert trek could be a Morocco 2 day Sahara desert trip program or a 3-day camel desert trek.

What is the key to finding the Morocco desert hike that suits you?

The price comparison of the Morocco camel trek will allow you to find a hike depending on the budget you have planned. Often, the price is not the only criterion that comes into account for the choice of agency: trust, clarity, programs offered, responsiveness and professionalism are all elements that count to find the desert trek Morocco that suits you!