Morocco camel trekking 3 days M’hamid Erg Khnata

Morocco camel trekking 3 days – Sahara desert trek Morocco – Camel trek from M’hamid 

Sahara nomadic experience - Adventure trip

Sahara nomadic experience – Adventure trip

Camel tour

Camel tour

Discovery of the Sahara

Discovery of the Sahara

Wild camping overnights

Wild camping overnights

Morocco camel trekking 3 days from M’hamid

Camel trek Morocco 3 days from M’hamid- Sahara trekking tour – Desert hike Morocco – Sahara camel trip

Day 1 – Camel trekking from M’hamid – overnight at Krayaat Jmal dunes

The first day of your Morocco camel trekking 3 days program starts in the morning. You meet your guides, Sahrawi nomads, in the village of M’hamid. They will accompany you during this Sahara desert hike. There is a caravan of camels that are loaded with the equipment, water, and food supplies for the trekking tour in the Morocco desert. 

Traditional turban on your head, you leave M’hamid and go in the desert of golden sand. The Sahara is here, in front of you, out of sight. The caravan is going slowly and let you enjoy all the beautiful landscapes on your way.

At noon, the lunch is prepared in the shade of the tamarisk trees. After this break, you continue by crossing a vast desert plateau.

In the afternoon, after 2 – 3 hours of hiking, the dunes of Krayaat Jmal are rising on the horizon. The first day of your Morocco camel trekking in the Sahara ends at this place. Enjoy a beautiful sunset before preparing the tents for the night. Dinner around a campfire.

Day 2 – Morocco camel trekking 3 days : from Krayaat Jmal to Erg Khnata

Those who wake up early can admire the sun rising in the Sahara. After breakfast at the camp, your Morocco camel trekking continues. Tents and equipment are folded and the camels are loaded. The caravan advance slowly in the desert.

The itinerary of the Sahara trekking tour from M’hamid brings you first to cross a hamada (plateau covered with volcanic stones) before arriving at Oued Naam. Here, you find the beautiful sand dunes. After taking a break for lunch, recovery of the Morocco camel trek to Erg Khnata. Enjoy the extraordinary sunset in the desert … You will spend your second night in the Sahara.

During the Morocco desert trek, you will live an amazing experience. The nights are done in a tent in a wild camp set up at the foot of the dunes.

Day 3- Your Sahara adventure tour continues from Erg Khnata to M’hamid 

It’s the last day of your 3 days Morocco desert trek program. The camel tour continues towards the Hamada of Drâa (desert plateau with stones). You enjoy this excursion tour in the Sahara to admire nature, the desert, the silence and the sun. In the afternoon you will be back in the village of M’hamid. 

The Morocco camel trekking 3 days is a super idea to do an outdoor activity during your Morocco stay. It’s also an amazing and adventure trip in the Sahara. 

Morocco desert trek from M’hamid 

This is a 3-day adventure and trekking trip in the Sahara from M’hamid.

Some tips for this Sahara camel excursion :

  • Spend the night before the departure in M’hamid or in the surroundings.
  • Book this camel trip during the period of September to May ;
Camel trek Sahara Morocco

How to come to M’hamid for the Morocco camel trekking 3 days ?

You can come to M’hamid by a rental car or bus.

We can also organize a private transfer to the desert.

Morocco desert experience

This trip is perfect for a family trekking experience in Morocco.

Or a friends tour in the Sahara.

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