Morocco camel trek 3 days: how to choose your program?

That’s it, you have decided to make camel trek Morocco 3 days. A Sahara camel trekking of 3 days has several advantages. First, the short duration of trekking in the Sahara allows you to have time to do other activities in the desert or elsewhere in Morocco. In addition, it is a cheap Morocco desert trek because of its duration and therefore very affordable for your travel budget. Not to mention that the desert camel trek of 3 days can already discover different faces of the desert and go on an adventure! It’s about making a first acquaintance with the desert, to decompress, to have fun simply. Which program to choose for the Sahara camel trekking tour 3 days? Here are our tips.

Morocco camel trekking 3 days from M’hamid

If you have chosen to leave for your Morocco desert trek 3 days from M’hamid, several possibilities are available to you as to the chosen program. Remember that the journey between Marrakech and M’hamid is about 10h and it is about 5h from Ouarzazate. The duration of the trip is very similar to that to reach Merzouga.

What can you visit during your 3 days Sahara desert trip from M’hamid?

You can opt for a combined Sahara camel trekking program. You will trek on the first day and sleep in the desert. The 2nd day you go to Erg Chegaga in 4X4. You will spend the day in Chegaga. On the third day, you return to M’hamid. In this program, the day in Chegaga and the camel ride in the largest dunes in Morocco are very popular. Like, moreover, the night at the bivouac Erg Chegaga.

You can also take a program that will take you to the dunes of Krayaat Jmal, then to the dunes of Erg Khnata, … you enjoy a multitude of landscapes in the desert … dunes and plateaus follow one another to make you discover the different faces of the desert. An unforgettable experience with two nights in the Sahara.

Or, leave for Ouled Driss and Lahnaniche, before continuing your camel trek Morocco 3 days to Oum Mazmou and return to M’hamid. Also know that you can visit Erg Lihoudi, go through Rass’n Khlal, … it is possible to customize your program. If you enjoy your stay in the Moroccan desert, you can extend it with one night in a desert camp in M’hamid.

Short Sahara camel trekking tour program from Merzouga

Erg Chebbi or the Merzouga dunes are one of the must-see places to visit in the Morocco desert. Why is it so famous? The dunes of Merzouga are, with the Erg Chegaga dunes, the largest of the Moroccan Sahara. And certainly the most remarkable! At Erg Chebbi, we find dunes that can reach 150 meters high.

The village of Merzouga is located between the Algerian border and the Ziz Valley. To arrive at Erg Chebbi, you will pass by Rissani, formerly, oasis and important point for the caravans that crossed the desert of the Sahara. To reach Merzouga and make a Morocco camel trekking 3 days in Erg Chebbi, it will take about ten hours from Marrakech or Fez. If you leave Ouarzazate, it will take 5:30 to 6 hours of travel. Our advice is, therefore, to try to arrive the day before and sleep on the spot the night before your trek. You will then leave for a 3-day Moroccan desert hike in the Erg Chebbi dunes. You will enjoy breathtaking landscapes and the hospitality of your nomadic guides.

Overnight stays in a desert camp or hotel in Merzouga are very popular. Moreover, whatever the chosen destination, M’hamid or Merzouga, know that it is possible to provide a private transfer or to travel by bus.