Morocco camel trekking tours

Morocco camel trekking tours : If you are looking for a camel trekking tour in Morocco in 2024, here are some of the dates for a group departure. The Morocco camel trekking from M’hamid is done in small groups (2 to 6 people). You will have the opportunity to discover the Sahara with local guides from the village of M’hamid. Nomads are the best guides to show you the Morocco desert and traditions in this area. This is a great outdoor tour in Morocco desert.

If you wish go for a desert hike at another period, then a private camel tour is available. You have only to contact us and we will schedule it. It is a private desert adventure and nature trip in Morocco ! The trek in the Morocco desert with nights in a wild camping is very amazing and original experience for your Morocco holidays.

September 2024

Morocco trek Sahara desert

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October 2024

morocco camel trekking caravan

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November 2024

trek Morocco

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Morocco camel trekking tours – September 2024

From mid-September is good time to trekking in the Sahara.

3-day Morocco camel trek from M’hamid

> 15.09.2024 – 17.09.2024
> 19.09.2024 – 21.09.2024

4-day Camel trek Morocco tour from M’hamid

> 12.09.2024 – 15.09.2024

5-day Morocco desert hike in the Sahara – M’hamid to Erg Zahar

> 14.09.2024 -18.09.2024

7-day Sahara camel trekking Morocco from M’hamid

> 22.09.2024 – 28.09.2024

Morocco trek Sahara desert
morocco camel trekking caravan

Morocco Sahara camel trek – October 2024

October is the best period to do a camel trek in the Morocco desert. Weather is perfect – not too warm and not cold. The day temperatures are amazing to walk.

3-day camel trekking Morocco from M’hamid

> 04.10.2024 – 06.10.2024
> 10.10.2024 – 12.10.2024

4-day Morocco desert trek tour from M’hamid

> 04.10.2024 – 07.10.2024
> 14.10.2024 – 17.10.2024

5-day Morocco camel tour from M’hamid

> 05.10.2024 – 09.10.2024

7-day Sahara camel trekking Morocco from M’hamid

> 10.10.2024 – 16.10.2024

Morocco desert trek – November 2024

In November, it’s good to go trekking in the Morocco desert. Temperatures are pleasant during the day (20°-22°) and not too cold in the nights (8°-11°). It’s better to take a sleeping bag for a camel trekking Morocco in November, also warm clothes.

3-day M’hamid camel trekking tours

> 09.11.2024 – 11.11.2024

> 16.11.2024 – 18.11.2024
> 27.11.2024 – 29.11.2024

4-day Morocco camel trekking tour from M’hamid

> 10.11.2024 – 13.11.2024

5-day Morocco Sahara camel trip

> 15.11.2024 – 19.11.2024

7-day Camel tour from M’hamid

> 09.11.2024 – 15.11.2024

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